Located in the South East side of Lake Manyara overlooking the Rift Valley Wall,Tarangire National Park is nestled between lush prairies of the Masai-Steppe region and the Great Rift-Valley in the northern direction. It offers visitors unique animal sighting opportunities unlike other parks in the region, and a diverse lush landscape.It also provides walking Safaris and night game drives.

The presence of Tarangire River contributes to numerous green patches, forests, swamps and granitic ridges. The park also consists of thick dark soils from ancient lake beds as well as deposits of volcanic ash. Some of the most stunning tree and plant species may be found here including the great Boabab tree (also known as the tree of life) and miles and miles of grasslands dotted with acacias and other local foliage. It’s a place for groups of elephants, zebras, wildebeest, kudus, and lions and bird’s species such as hornbills, guinea fowl and crested falcons, moosebirds, bee-eaters and Kori bustards!

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